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Supporting teaching and learning

The learning technology team (LT) work closely with academic staff in order to source and present teaching material that is relevant to all subjects and levels, and help embed dynamic and interactive technology into teaching sessions.

They are able to provide training in using the interactive whiteboards & teaching walls, help with interactive classroom technology and devices, and in using College systems such as ProMonitor, MyDay, BKSB and DAVE. The team offers group & one-to-one training, walk-in helpdesk support, as well as hands-on assistance in classrooms to provide a well-rounded and thorough support package for all academic staff.

The learning resources team are on hand to help staff understand & access the wide range of resources available for their teaching subject, and to provide direct support for their students in a range of information & digital literacy skills.

The learning technology team also takes care of the Digihubs. The Digihub is a place for independent and guided blended learning activity. Students are scheduled into the Digihubs to do various 'blended activities' such as English, maths, employability and personal development behaviour & welfare. Blended learning activities are eLearning (online learning) activities that supplement, prepare or challenge learners beyond the classroom lesson. These are intended to enhance independent learning skills in students. Digihub facilitators, part of the LT team are available during term time to assist students with eLearning activities set by tutors. Most groups are also accompanied by a tutor/progress coach in the Digihub, so assistance is readily available to make the most of this eLearning opportunity in the College.

If you would like any further information from either the learning technology or learning resources teams, please visit your campus learning resource centre.