What's the difference between Functional Skills and GCSES?

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The biggest difference with Functional Skills is about learning a skill base, including communication, team working, presentation, and problem solving, that is then transferable to other areas of learning, life and work. They are scenario based qualifications helping you learn the key skills needed to succeed.

These qualifications although different are considered as GCSE equivalents:

  • functional skills Entry level – this is similar to having a GCSE below grade G (1)
  • functional skills Level 1 – this is similar to having a GCSE at grades D-G (3-1)
  • functional skills Level 2- this is similar to having a GCSE at grade A*-C (9-4)

If you are using Functional Skills English and mathematics qualifications as evidence of attainment in order to apply to university please check with the university or institution that you wish to study at, asking them if they accept Functional Skills qualifications.

Functional Skills are normally accepted as equivalents to GCSE maths and English for most courses however, some courses may specifically ask for GCSE maths and/or English at grade C or above. 

For any queries regarding entry requirements you can always contact our admissions department or our course advisers:

Course advisers: courseadviser@southessex.ac.uk
Admissions: admissions@southessex.ac.uk
Telephone: 0345 52 12345

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