What can I do as a Parent?

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Helping your child select the correct choice for further education can be a difficult task. The first thing we suggest is to set out a plan beyond college. Does your child want to go to university or straight into work when they are 18?

If your child wants to go straight into work then you should be looking at BTECs and Apprenticeships. These will give anyone the skills and experience to go into a select field. If you know which line of work you want to go into but are stuck on what course to choose, ask a local trader/professional that is in that field what would be the ideal course.

If your child wants to move on to University and continue education, they should be looking at A-Levels or BTECs. A-levels usually focus on academic subjects when compared to vocational courses like BTECs and NVQs, which are more practical. BTECs are very useful for University as you can gain huge amounts of knowledge and experience in one chosen field. Our advice would be to look at a few Universities that supply the course that you want to take and check their entry requirements. Once you know what universities require, you eliminate the risk of not having the entry level for higher education. 

You can talk to one of our Course Advisers by calling 0345 52 12345 or emailing CourseAdviser@southessex.ac.uk

If you want the opportunity to talk to one of the Course Tutors then come along to one of our open events.

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