I've lost my certificate, how do I get a replacement copy?

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If you have lost your certificate and want to receive a new copy, you will usually need to go through the exam board itself.  This means going directly to the awarding body for example, City and Guilds, Pearson or Edexcel. Each exam board will have an online form available to fill out. You will need to provide them with your relevant details including full name, date of birth and year of study. This process will enable you to obtain an official certificate from the exam board website.

If you require proof of your results and not an official certificate, then depending on the exam board, the College may be able to supply a copy of your proof of results (this is still an official document, but it doesn’t count as a certificate). What the College can supply you with will always depend on the particular exam board you studied with.

If you require further information, please contact Registry, Database Team, who will be able to provide you information on what the College can provide you. Call: 01702 220 400 or email on: DataAdmins@southessex.ac.uk

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