I want to request a transcript, who do I contact?

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An academic transcript is from the awarding body and can also be referred to as an academic record, a statement of learning or a record of achievement. It will list all the modules or subjects you studied in each year, the marks or grades you achieved for each module and the credit rating and level of each module. If you would like to request a HE Transcript from the College then you will need to submit a formal request by completing the HE Transcript request application form. >

Please ensure that you complete the form correctly without mistakes. Please also note that your request will be processed within five working days after the application form has been submitted. This service may be delayed or suspended in June, July, August (Examinations and Exams Results Processing), September (Resit Examinations) and October (New Academic Year Registration).Transcripts received after graduation will be the final conferred transcript including all marks and degree classification and the date your degree was conferred upon you.

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