I don’t feel safe at home, who can help me?

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If you are feeling unsafe at home then please speak to a member of the Safeguarding & Pastoral Team who will speak with you about what your concerns are. The team will then work with you to look at what options are available to ensure that you are safe and that you feel safe. Depending on the situation and what you feel comfortable with, this may involve calling parents/guardians, police, social care, or anyone else that may be able to help. This is a process that will always involve you (our student) to make sure your wishes are heard and respected where possible.

The safety of our students is the most important thing to us as a college, so please let us know if there is anything that causes you to feel unsafe so we can make sure the issue gets resolved.

Email: safeguarding@southessex.ac.uk
Telephone: 0845 52 12345 ask for Safeguarding & Pastoral Team

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