I’ve declared a special educational need or disability on my application form. What happens next?

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When you apply to us and declare a special educational need or disability, the Additional Learning Support team will contact you to seek further information about your additional support needs and, with your permission, liaise with and involve those people who support you in relation to your education.

If you apply for a course with our Skills and Foundation Studies department, you will be invited to meet with them to discuss your course choice and any additional needs you may have.

You will be able to express a preference to enrol at South Essex College in your Education Healthcare Plan (EHC), and we will consult with the local authority to ensure they agree we are an appropriate placement to help you achieve the best possible outcome towards preparing for adulthood.

For students enrolling without an EHC Plan, we are committed to identifying, assessing and making special educational provision for students who require it.

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