I’m in social care, where can I go to for help?

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If you are involved with social care for any reason (for example being in foster care, on a child protection plan, a child in need, etc.) then please let the Safeguarding & Pastoral Team know so that they can ensure that you are extra supported in college to get through your course and anything else that may impact on your education, such as finances, emotional/mental health, family or home life, etc.

With your permission we can keep in contact with any professionals that you work with, such as your social worker, to ensure that everyone is supporting you together. If you are in care you can also speak with the Funding Team who will ensure that you have the finances to get to college and have access to any equipment , uniform, or resources that you will need for your course.

Email: safeguarding@southessex.ac.uk
Telephone: 0845 52 12345 ask for Safeguarding & Pastoral Team

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