How will I receive the money?

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Funding awards vary depending on what you are eligible for.

If you are awarded a travel bursary, this may be in the form of a bus or train ticket, a contribution paid directly to your Local Authority or a BACS payment into your specified bank account. The College will select the most cost efficient method of travel.

Depending on the course you are doing you may need to purchase equipment, uniform or books for example and we may award you a contribution towards these costs which will be paid to you via BACs into your specified bank account. 

If you are awarded Free College Meals your meal voucher will be uploaded on to your student ID card for use in the student canteen each day. If you are attending essential agreed work experience then we will need to issue a BACs payment to contribute to your meal costs, so you will need to inform us of this at least 2 weeks prior to starting this.

If you are over 20 years of age you may be awarded a contribution towards childcare costs for OFSTED registered childcare you need to use during your timetabled lessons. This will be paid direct to your childcare provider and as such they will need to complete part of your Funding Application.