How do I go about transferring to and from a different college?

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There are different factors which may affect our ability to offer you a place at the College to continue learning and complete your course. These factors include the qualification type, the awarding body and which units or modules you have completed.

Sometimes we cannot facilitate a transfer at certain times in the academic year when it is simply not possible for the College to offer you a place.

For all transfers it is important to check with the College that we deliver the course or subjects that you are currently studying.

We are happy to help you find out this information and offer you support to transfer.

Please contact: with your queries.

If you are considering moving college before completing your programme of study, there are various things we recommend:

  1. Speak – to your current tutor and teachers about the implications of moving. It’s very important that you continue to attend all your lessons while you look into your options, and that you work to achieve the best grades you can in the time you remain at your current school/college.
  2. BTEC – these qualifications consist of completion of specific units or modules, sometimes these are taught in different combinations and or at different times throughout a course and this can differ from college to college. It can mean that we are unable to offer a transfer if certain units have or have not been completed. In any case we would request the list of the units completed that year to determine if we could offer you a transfer.
  3. A-Levels – we can only accept you into the second year of an A-Level if you have studied exactly the same material in the first year, with the same exam board, as our students have done. This is because A-Levels have been reformed, so there are no longer any AS qualifications available from September, 2017. Once a subject is reformed the result of the AS exam (if taken) no longer counts towards the A-Level.
  4. Be prepared – collect as much information from your current place of study. In order to make sure we are best placed to determine your request, we will need as much information from you - regarding your current studies – as possible. Such as information about your: qualification, units or modules completed, transcripts, syllabus details and or awarding body information. We may also ask for a reference from your college.

However, the most important thing to take note of is that you can contact us anytime, by emailing us at:

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