Can students buy season tickets for offsite campus car parks and get a discount?

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The Victoria parking system has been updated and we are now able to provide those who use the college & university parking at the centre with a plastic pass card.

What you will need to do is pay a total of £35 via the college reception by either cash or card. Reception staff will then issue a paper slip / receipt that you bring to the centre.

Visit the management office in the Victoria Centre where we can then set up a new plastic card with £30 'credit' on it for you.

Then each time you come in your present the card to the entry barrier and then the exit barrier to be let in and out. The system will then deduct £3 from the card.

To top up the card for the second and subsequent times you will be able to use one of the three car park pay machines in the centre and pay by card or cash, which means that after the card is set up you won't need to pay via the college or by cheque.

This deal is available to students and staff.

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