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Animal Management Level 3 Extended Diploma

This course is ideal if you are interested in working in fields such as animal science, zoology or veterinary science.

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Applied Science Level 2 Extended Certificate

This course is ideal for those looking to be employed in the science-related sector.

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Applied Science Level 3 Extended Diploma

This course will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to follow a career in science and its related areas, including: nutrition, medical research, pharmacology, medical physics and environmental science.

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Apply make-up Level 2 Unit Achievement

Learn how to provide make-up for a variety of occasions, including day, evening and special occasions.

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Apprenticeship Programmes

Apprenticeships prepare you for the workplace whilst gaining a qualification. Apprenticeships allow you to earn money whilst you learn.

  • Customised
  • Work-based Location
  • 19+ years, 16-18 years
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Aromatherapy Massage

This course is an introduction to aromatherapy and provides the skills required to complete a full treatment. At the end of the course you will be able to perform a confident and effective massage routine coupled with essential oils to bring about equilibrium.

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Art & Design (Illustration) Level 3 General Diploma

For aspiring tattoo artists, cartoonists and illustrators, this is the perfect course to build a portfolio of work to give you your first steps into these industries.

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Art and Design (3D Design) Level 3 Extended Diploma

This course will provide you with specialist knowledge of 3D design that will enable you  to progress to further/higher education and pursue a career in the design sector.

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