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Adobe Lightroom for Photographers

This course is designed to help photographers develop a successful editing workflow; from digital camera input or scanning film through to ink-jet prints, photo-books, or web based imagery.

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You will initially be given an overview of the digital darkroom, looking at the monitor and basic Adobe Lightroom set-up, alongside the various options for outputting images. Then, through working on your own images, you will learn how to use the software’s powerful editing capabilities to build a successful workflow.

The final part of the course includes a thorough demonstration of how to set up a file for your chosen method of output; soft-proofing with colour print profiles, re-sizing and sharpening the image, and printing onto different papers or uploading onto social media will all be addressed and explored.

What's covered?

Topics covered include:

  • Uploading and organising digital files
  • Applying non-destructive tonal adjustments and colour correction
  • Converting and editing in black and white
  • The use of the appropriate tools for cropping and straightening photos
  • Fine-tuning parts of an image using selection and masking techniques
  • How to retouch images using an adjustment brush
  • Outputting images for print & social media

How will my work be assessed?

During the course the tutor will be monitoring how your editing skills are developing, and there will be a final review of everyone’s work.

What can I do after this?

On completion of this course you will have the opportunity to continue your study in this subject area by attending our Photography courses. Alternatively, you may be interested in completing an accredited qualification in this topic. For accredited courses please refer to the Access to Art and Design or BA (hons) Photography courses.

Digital files on USB stick / HD (RAW & JPG).

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  • Venue Thurrock Campus
  • Attendance Part time evening
  • Duration 4 weeks (2.5 hrs)
  • Provision Adults
  • Cost £80.00
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