The wonder of Iceland's Blue Lagoon

It's oh so very easy to see how the Blue Lagoon in Iceland is one of National Geographic's '25 Wonders of the World.'

It really is a bit special. Heck, it's been visited by Justin Bieber and Beyoncé, it's more than a bit special.

Thousands of people flock to the site every year, all in hope of baby soft skin, all looking to wipe 10 years off their faces, all searching for the perfect #wishyouwerehere selfie.

Today though, we were not just tourists slapping mud on our faces and rolling around in the hot springs. I mean, we did do a bit of that too, but today we were also learners and scientists. We were given a special backstage tour of the spa where our guide, Nicholas, gave us a rundown of the science behind the lagoon.



The most natural way of describing the Blue Lagoon is OH MY GOSH SO AMAZIN'. The students described it more eloquently using words like beautiful, phenomenal and fabulous.

In fact, Chloe, 17, from Benfleet said: "It was life changing. I've seen something completely new and I want to go back. I'd absolutely love to work there."

After 20 minutes completing my paparazzi duties round the side of the lagoon (thought my fingers were gonna freeze off) I discarded the camera and sat back to enjoy the spa and muse over the trip.

Often when you think of Beauty Students, you instantly think of local spas for job opportunities. But these gals? Nah ah. Some of these ladies have got big dreams of working as part of the Virgin Atlantic Spa Team and joining cruise ship beauty squads across the globe. They so got this.

It's plain to see that trips like this broaden their horizons.

Think big.

Dream big.

Check out this video for a rundown of today's Icelandic adventure.