Snow day in Iceland

Hallelujah. It snowed. Like a lot.

And it couldn't have been on a better day because today we went on the Golden Circle tour of Iceland, which meant lots of time in the great outdoors. (Watch the tour video here.)

We saw giant waterfalls, the type you only see in epic films. We were introduced to Iceland's only active Geysir (pronounced 'geezer', as in 'top geezer') and we also stood on the two tectonic plates that will one day split Iceland in half. Wow.

All in all it’s been a pretty ace day and a pretty ace trip.



Here's the top 11 things we've learnt on our Icelandic adventure:

1.  Ellie, 18, from Corringham said: "I've learnt about the science behind beauty techniques which has been really interesting. Oh and I want to live here." Well don't we all, Ellie.

2. 'Rotten shark' is a delicacy in Iceland. No, it's not a translation mistake in the menu, they really do serve rotten shark. They bury the poor beast for a year to cure it and serve it up to the Icelandic folk.

3. Rebecca, 18, from Hockley said: "I learnt about different massage technique at the Blue Lagoon. The clients were in suits floating in the water and the masseuse used the water to manipulate relaxation."

4. Teenagers sleep for forever and a day and can STILL feel snoozy on the coach.

5. According to Grace from Benfleet "Iceland smells of egg." Well we looked this up and it's actually the sulphur in the water making everything smell a little off. Ew.

6. We learnt that job prospects at the Blue Lagoon are high due to the expansion of the complex. They're in the process of building a hotel and spa next door. It's got our ladies queuing up.

7. We haven't just learnt about beauty, but geography too. Tectonic plates, waterfalls, geysers, and obvs learning that yes, we had to fly over water to get here Molly...

8.  The chemical composition of the natural waters at the Blue Lagoon assist with improving skin condition with the support of natural clay. BASICALLY, our skin feels a-mazing now.

9. Eating raw puffin is a thing in Iceland. Fo' real.

10.  Emma, 17, from Shenfield said: "I've learnt studying beauty opens up loads of different job pathways, especially in the spa industry. It gives you the chance to work abroad. Our tour guide said there were loads of opportunities in Iceland to work."

11. I asked  a group of Southend students what they liked about Iceland and they said: "There's horses. And elves. And the Icelandic people are really lovely. And apparently everyone loves to get naked and drunk." So we heard. Obvs.

It's been a fantastic trip all round.

Good luck to all the Level 3 Beauty students for the remainder of their year. With the majority of them already in part time jobs, it seems these ladies have it all figured out.