Safety boost for motor vehicle students

Motor vehicle students at South Essex College’s Basildon Campus are benefitting from a generous haul of personal protective equipment (PPE) from 3M won as part of a national safety campaign.

Students took part in the Learning Occupational Health by Experiencing Risks (LOcHER) Project  where they created posters and videos to highlight the risks associated with exposure to paint fumes when spraying cars and what can be done to be protected.

The students’ work was so impressive, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is now using it as best practice in order to raise awareness of hazards.

The campaign success also saw the College winning first place in the Safety Group UK finals and receiving more than £5,000 of PPE from 3M, which will benefit current and future students.

The equipment includes disposable respirators, protective coveralls, ear defenders and air fed masks which are already being put to good use by the students.

Motor Vehicle tutor Clive Langworthy said the LOcHER project was a fantastic opportunity for students to get involved with.

He said: “It has been invaluable for students to work on a real life safety campaign in conjunction with a recognised safety group and H&S professionals.

“Being part of the LOcHER project has really helped them better understand the importance of personal safety and help spread the message to others while preparing them for their future in the workplace.

“We are extremely grateful to 3M for the generous donation of the PPE which will ensure students continue to promote health and safety while learning at the College.”

Jenn Raymond, Senior Marketing Executive, 3M Personal Safety Division said: “We are delighted to support the LOcHER project and have been extremely impressed with the engagement and hard work put in by the students.  Congratulations to South Essex College on winning the award, we hope you enjoy putting the PPE to good use.”

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